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Hi, I'm Jocelyn!


I'm a mixed-media artist, writer and mom.  My mission is to help you see as much beauty in the world as I do through colorful abstract, floral and coastal art that makes you feel alive.

My Story

I didn’t go to art school. In fact, if you had asked me 5 years ago if anyone in my family would have grown up to be an artist, I would have said one (or both!) of my two brothers. While I’ve always been creative, I graduated from Fairfield University with degrees in business and French (I did take a figurative oil painting class, but let’s just say I was not a natural).  I spent the next ~15 years working in corporate HR for fortune 100 companies. I knew after a few years that it wasn’t my passion, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started taking as many creative courses as I could, and dabbled in side hustles: calligraphy, wedding stationery and day-of-details... even a stint as a bridal gown consultant.   


In 2017, my family experienced a horrible tragedy when my 42-year old uncle received a life-saving heart transplant - that resulted in a severe global brain injury. It was the start of my “mid-life crisis” (at the age of 30). I watched him live with almost no quality of life - in a system that couldn’t provide the level of care he needed - until his subsequent death 5 years later. I started questioning what it meant to be alive,  what makes us who we are, and how I wanted to live. It reinforced what I already intuitively knew - that I was meant for something more.


During this time, I also became a mom to a sweet and energetic mama’s boy. While it often meant early mornings or late nights, I tried to prioritize  myself and my creativity - through courses in photography, surface pattern design, writing, and painting, as well as personal development, astrology, manifestation, energy work, parenting and entrepreneurship (I really love to learn). 


In 2021, I found “my” medium- abstract acrylic painting - it just came naturally. Someone even once told me I must have been an artist in a past life. A few months later, Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio was born as the place where it all meets: a creative outlet for me, a business to support my family, and an avenue for me to give back through my art. So, when I was serendipitously laid off from my corporate job at the end of 2023, I took it as a sign that I was headed for a more creative career and life. 


My mission is to help you see as much beauty in the world as I do, through colorful abstract, floral and coastal art that makes you feel alive. As an empath, I absorb energy from my surroundings, and believe that art can transform your space, energy and life. My vibrant and expressive paintings are are often inspired by the nature around me in coastal New England or my own memories and emotions.


It is important to me that my work is aligned to a greater good, and I am making a difference in the world around me.  As a vegetarian and nature-lover, I am mindful of the impact that my art has on the planet and work to keep my studio free of animal products and be environmentally conscious in my practices and materials. A portion of sales supports causes that are most meaningful to me, such as advocating for brain injury survivors and those with invisible disabilities as well as the rights of women, children and the LGBTQ+ community.

Artist CV


I am inspired by moments of beauty that make me feel alive - the giddy feeling that comes from chasing a sunset or staring up at wispy clouds against a starry night sky; the glitter of raindrops on a delicate flower petal; colors changing with the seasons; the wonder of childhood and the complexity of getting to know myself. I translate this inspiration into vibrant and expressive mixed-media artwork that brings that same sense of aliveness to the viewer. When a paintbrush or camera is in my hand, I lose all track of time. My approach to creating is both conscious and intuitive. My process begins with a concept I want to explore, a brainstorm of connected titles or lines of poetry, and a perfectly curated playlist. I then give myself total freedom as I approach each painting, immersing myself in the moment, memories and emotions I want to convey. I can’t help but let the energy pour out of me - my use of saturated color and playful mark making allowing the painting to take on a life of its own. My camera helps me slow down and find a new perspective. It's taught me to always look for the light and find beauty in everything from the smallest details to the most majestic landscapes.



2024 (Upcoming)

  • Chateau d’Orquevaux, France


  • Best of Abstract - Doris Koch Award, “The National” Juried Group Show, Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Jurors: Karen Blackwood, Marc Kundman and David Mullen

  • Best of Show, “Day and Night” Juried Group Show, Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Juror: Amy Sanders



  • Art Fluent, "Emotional Thresholds"; online


  • Newburyport Arts Association, “Journeying Well: Artistic Pathways”; Newburyport, Massachusetts

  • Boston Office of Arts and Culture, “Fay Chandler Emerging Artist Exhibition”; Boston, Massachusetts; Juror Juniper Rag

  • Cambridge Art Association, “Blue 2023”, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Juror Abigail Ogilvy

  • National Association of Women Artists New Member Show, New York, New York

  • Cape Cod Art Center, “The National”; Barnstable, Massachusetts; Jurors Karen Blackwood, Marc Kundman and David Mullen

  • Cape Cod Art Center, “Day and Night”, Barnstable, Massachusetts; Juror Amy Sanders

  • University of Rhode Island - Providence, in partnership with the National Association of Women Artists- MA Chapter; “Dance with Orange”, Providence, Rhode Island


  • Alchemy and Art, “The Big Small Art Show”; Amesbury, Massachusetts

  • Galatea Fine Art, “New England Collective XII”; Boston, Massachusetts; Juror Leah Triplett Harrington

  • North Shore Arts, “Exhibit New England”; Gloucester, Massachusetts; Jurors Leon Doucette and Susan Abbott

  • Peabody Institute Library, South Branch Solo Exhibition; Peabody, Massachusetts

  • Photography Center of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Art Center, “Light and Shadow”, Juror Mark Bowie; Online



2024 (Upcoming)

  • We Share One Sky, Newburyport Art Association Murals Project


  • Cow Parade New England presented by Herb Chambers to benefit The Jimmy Fund/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 


  • Public Art Installation commissioned by the Town of Wellesley; Wellesley, Massachusetts



  • Humana Obscura, “Watching You Go” original poetry and “Winter in the Wind” photograph, Issue 7, Fall/Winter 2023

  • Uppercase Magazine, "Making Marks", Issue 59, Oct-Nov-Dec 2023

  • All She Makes, Issue 7, August 2023

  • In Her Space Journal, “By Surprise” and “Through the Haze” original poetry, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2023

  • “Click Magazine, "Why It Works”, Summer 2022 

  • Peabody Weekly News, “Local intuitive artist exhibition at Peabody Institute Library”, Vol 60. No 72 May 2022 

  • “The Traveling Lensbaby Project with Jocelyn Velush”, Hello Storyteller Online Blog, March 2022 

  • “Chasing Magic: A Celebration of Women Nature Photographers”, Women Capture Magic, 2021 



  • Cape Cod Art Center, Juried Fine Artist Member

  • National Association of Women Artists, National and Massachusetts Chapters

  • Cambridge Art Association, Associate Artist Member

  • Click Pro Elite Photographer

  • Hello Artist with Hello Storyteller Photography

  • Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Direct from Artist Program

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