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Hi, I'm Jocelyn!


I'm a mixed-media artist, writer and mom.  My mission is to help you see as much beauty in the world as I do through colorful abstract, floral and coastal art that makes you feel alive.

About Me

I am a mixed media artist, writer and mom living north of Boston, Massachusetts. I am a self-taught painter, and earned my B.S in Management with a concentration in Human Resources and B.A in French from Fairfield University. My professional background is in Talent and Project Management, and I spent 15-years working  for fortune 100 companies before leveraging my creative skillsets as a professional fine artist. I've always been creative and had numerous creative hobbies (photography, surface pattern design, calligraphy, to name a few!) throughout the last decade, but my painting practice started after the birth of my son, as an outlet from the everyday demands of life as a working mom.


My work is inspired by the people and places that are meaningful to me, with a focus on abstraction and the natural landscapes of coastal New England. It has been exhibited extensively,  including at the University of Rhode Island - Providence, the Peabody Institute Library, and the Boston Office of Arts and Culture's Fay Chandler Emerging Artists Exhibit. Notable public art projects include a commission by the town of Wellesley, Massachusetts (2022), Cow Parade New England (2023) and "We Share One Sky" Murals Project with Newburyport Art Association (forthcoming, 2024). I was an Artist-in-Residence at Chateau d'Orquevaux, France in 2024 and am a member of Cape Cod Art Center, the Cambridge Art Association and the National Association of Women Artists. My art and writing has been published in Uppercase Magazine, All She Makes Magazine, Humana Obscura, In Her Space Literary Journal, and has been featured through the Direct from Artist program and 


It is important to me that my work is aligned to a greater good, and I am making a difference in the world around me.  As a vegetarian and nature-lover, I am mindful of the impact that my art has on the planet and work to keep my studio free of animal products (vegan) and be environmentally conscious in my practices and materials. A portion of sales supports causes that are most meaningful to me, such as advocating for brain injury survivors and those with invisible disabilities as well as the rights of women, children and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The specific organizations I donate to varies depending on what is happening in the world at the time of my collection releases. Examples of organizations your purchase supports include Sandy Hook Promise, UNICEF,  The Loveland Foundation, The Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth (BAGLY), and the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts

Artist Statement 

My creative practice centers on the question of what it means to be alive. I observe the world with curiosity for the people and places around me, my colorful abstract mixed-media paintings capturing the essence of those that are meaningful to me. 


I am inspired by the seasonality of life in coastal New England and the interconnectedness of our human experience and natural world. If our stories are proof we were here, my work acts as a mirror that reveals me to myself and asks me to reflect on my role in creating a collective future where we live better alongside the earth and each other. 


I aim to create the freedom I am seeking and am drawn to techniques that help me relinquish control and the conditioned need for constant productivity.  My work begins outside, where I source natural materials, paint in plein air, or let rain water wash over my watercolor paintings. Inside my vegan studio, I paint intuitively, accompanied by intentionally curated audio playlists that evoke the feelings I want to convey. I build history with layers of acrylic paint, collage or image transfer of my own photos, and original writing. I can't help but let the energy pour out of me - my use of saturated color and playful mark making allowing each painting to take on a life of its own.

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