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The Open to Interpretation Collection

Updated: Jul 27

This collection of 15 pieces of original abstract art is now available here.

About the Collection

The Open to Interpretation Collection explores the ways in which we handle conflict and communicate (or don’t) with those around us - and the impact that has on our personal emotional landscapes. In a culture where many of us are too busy to actually look inward and be honest with ourselves, it is that much harder to be honest with each other. And whether with those closest to us or strangers - when we don’t communicate, we leave it open to interpretation.

Color is a key inspiration for my work and often the subject itself, so I rarely limit my palette. With this collection I wanted to take a different approach. All colors were mixed by hand from the 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue) plus white and black, to show how something complex can be created from something so simple. Select pieces also feature accents in an iridescent pearl.

Music is also a critical part of my process. I typically come up with a concept and pre-name several paintings. I then curate a playlist that will evoke the emotion I want to convey, and paint exclusively to that playlist for the duration of my collection. You can listen to the Spotify playlist I created to accompany this collection here.

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