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Daily Sketchbook | Intro | July 23, 2023

Updated: Jul 24

About 6 months ago, I started a daily sketchbook / bullet journal hybrid. I love journaling and physically writing things down, so I always have about 10 notebooks I'm actively using at any time - but bullet journaling hadn't really stuck with me in the past. This time, it's merged with a sketchbook and that has made it much more fun to me. The idea is that every day I do some kind of art next to a daily page where I write down whatever thoughts come to me for that day. Sometimes I write a boring to-do list, other times I use a poetry prompt to write something, or wait until the end of the day to write down something that happened earlier.

I don't do it everyday but I'd like to - the reality of life as a working mom to a toddler is that I don't get to paint everyday, so this is a way to get at least a few minutes in. Maybe I discover a cool new mark, or a color inspires me for a new series. If nothing else, I got at least 2 minutes to myself.

Ok enough intro, though in another post I can share more about the other topics I keep in this journal if you're interested.

Today's sketchbook -

I wasn't feeling very inspired this morning so I grabbed a few colors out of the tube. The yellow reminded me of mustard and I sort of hated it at first but I quickly layered a few other colors and textures and the result reminds me of Starbursts, so I started thinking of my favorite flavors from childhood- which was to squish the yellow and pink together and eat them as one flavor. Did anyone else do that? I haven't actually had a starburst in 10+ years since I became a vegetarian, so thinking about that feels maybe extra nostalgic.

What do these colors remind you of?

If you're interested in this approach to art/bullet journaling, I learned this from Nicholas Wilton of Art 2 Life - it is a great resource for artists and Nick is a great teacher. I've taken his Creative Visionary Program twice and am in his ongoing academy with various art/life/business topics and community of artists. (This isn't an affiliate link, I just really recommend Nick's programs and he has a lot of free resources as well).

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